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Glasgow City Council

Replacement Birth, Death, Marriage and Civil Partnership Certificates

You can order replacement Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Partnership certificates for events registered in Scotland.

The preferred method for obtaining replacement certificates is through our online ordering service.  Please click  on the appropriate application form.

How much does it cost ?

An extract is £15.00 plus postage(if applicable). Subsequent extracts of the same entry, ordered at the same time, cost £10.00 each.

What certificates can I order?

You can order certificates for any birth, death and marriage registered in Scotland from 1855 to present date and civil partnerships registered in Scotland from 2004 to present date.

Please note that certificates may not be available if the event was registered out with Glasgow, within the current year.

Can I only order my own birth certificate?

No, you can order any birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate as long as you are able to provide all the details required.

How do I pay?

The preferred method of payment at the Service Desk is by Debit/Credit card.  Registration staff will be unable to accept cash payments; however, you will be able to pay for transactions involving cash/cheque at a separate cash office within the Service Desk.

Alternative methods to obtain a certificate

  • In person at the Service Desk, 45 John Street, Glasgow - not always available same day. The office is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.
  • By post to the Registration Service, City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow G2 1DU
  • If you are having difficulties using our online facilities you can contact Registrars on 0141 287 7655

What certificates cannot be ordered?

  • A certificate from the Adopted Children's Register in Scotland.  For more information please visit   NRS - Ordering Certificates.
  • A certificate for an event taking place in England and Wales. For more information please visit.GRO - England and Wales
  • A certificate for an event which occurred in Northern Ireland.For more information please visit GRO - Northern Ireland
  • A certificate which occurred within the current year must be obtained from the Registrar in the District where the event was registered.  For a list of registration offices in Scotland please visit NRS - Registrar's Contact List.


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