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Collection of Bulky Waste Items

What is it?

We provide a special collection service for bulky items of domestic waste. This service is provided to all households in Glasgow and is free of charge for most items, however, some types of materials are chargeable, or for health and safety reasons cannot be collected.

Collections of bulky waste items will be uplifted within 28 days.

National Re-use phone line

If your item is in good condition and could be used again by someone else, please use the National Re-use phone line on 0800 0665 820. If you have bulky items such as beds, sofas, tables, chairs and bikes that are in good condition, could be re-used, haven't been left outside and still have the necessary fire labels (for sofas and armchairs), please donate online. These will be collected free by local organisations that will ensure the item stays in use rather than going to waste.

If your item cannot be used again, please arrange a bulky waste collection.

How do I request a collection of bulky waste online?

You will need to:

  1. Have a recent version of a internet browser software installed on your device, such as Internet Explorer 9 or Google Chrome.
  2. Click on this web link. A new window will open for My council - citizen login.
  3. If you have an account, login or to create an account (required once only), click the Register now button and fill in the registration form, click on the Register button to submit your account request.
  4. Once logged in - click on the submit report link and select the category for example bulky waste collection. Fill in the form and submit your report.
  5. For details of how we process this information please see our Fair Processing Notice.

You can also report bulky waste by phoning us on 0141 287 9700.

Once you have requested your bulk uplift you must ensure that:

  • All items to be uplifted are placed at the agreed collection point when the request is made.

  • Planks of wood must be no longer than 4 feet in length and should be either bagged or tied in manageable bundles.

Report collection of bulky waste using our smart phone app

Download our smartphone app onto your apple, blackberry or android phone. The app is suitable for all phones with GPS. (You are required to register and login to use this service. Bulky waste item requests cannot be made anonymously).

You can also report bulky waste by phoning us on 0141 287 9700.

Who is it for?

The bulky waste collection service is available to all domestic households.

Businesses can also arrange a bulky waste collection, but charges will be applied.

How much does it cost?

This service is provided free of charge for domestic collections, although some items will attract a fee.  These are noted below:

  • rubble, builders waste and heavy landscape material
  • waste arising from work carried out by a contractor
  • sheds greenhouses and other out buildings
  • tree trunks
  • soil
  • cast iron baths, these must be broken up into manageable sized pieces
  • central heating equipment, including boilers and radiators
  • windows

Collection of these items is charged at a collection rate of £128/hour.  The minimum collection charge is £64 per 30 minutes.  A house clearance service is also available and is charged at a rate of £64 per 30 minutes.

Items which cannot be collected

The following items cannot be collected:

  • cast iron washing poles
  • supermarket trolleys (contact the supermarket concerned)
  • garage doors (metal)
  • garden rollers
  • gas cylinders (can be disposed free of charge at one of the recycling centres)
  • safes
  • paint (can be disposed free of charge at one of the recycling centres)
  • oil (can be disposed free of charge at one of the recycling centres)
  • car batteries (can be disposed free of charge at one of the recycling centres)
  • storage heaters (In order to ascertain whether asbestos may be present we require details of the make and model number. In the event that the heater does contain asbestos we will contact you).
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