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International Rose Trials

What is it?

The International Rose Trials take place each year within Tollcross Park. New rose varieties are planted each year and once established, the roses are regularly inspected by a panel of experts. Over two summers the roses are assessed for their health, beauty of flower, freedom of bloom, and general effect.

The International Rose Trials will take place between 23-24 August 2018.

What awards are given at the International Rose Trials?

Awards are made to the breeders of the most successful varieties as follows:

  • Golden prize of the City of Glasgow.
  • Gold medal.
  • Silver medals.
  • Tollcross fragrance prize.
  • Certificates of merit.
  • Certificates of commendation.
  • People's choice.

Members of the public also have the opportunity to participate in assessing the roses and an award 'The People's Choice' is made to the breeder of the rose variety receiving most votes in the public judging competition.

International Rose Trials 2018 - People's Choice Award 

Voting has now closed.


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