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There are 32 allotment sites within Glasgow, of which over half are managed by us. The remainder are managed by individual allotment associations.

How do I apply for an allotment?

As waiting lists are currently managed by individual allotment associations the associations should be contacted directly.

Where can I find my nearest allotment?

The link below provides details of where to find Park, Play Areas, Cemeteries, and Outdoor Recreation (including allotments).

How much does it cost?

The cost for plot rental in Glasgow is as follows:

Full Plot£34.50 p.a.
Full Plot Concession£25.00 p.a.
Half Plot £17.25 p.a.
Half Plot Concession£12.50 p.a.

There may also be an association membership fee that would also be required to be paid.

How do I check where I am on the waiting list?

Please contact the individual allotment association to find out where you are on the list.

Where can I find the location of community growing spaces in Glasgow?


Do you:

  • Fancy growing your own fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers or herbs?
  • Enjoy physical activity in the fresh air?
  • Want to meet likeminded people from your community?
  • Want to learn new skills or share your existing skills with other generations?

Have you considered becoming an allotment plot holder?

Allotments are in high demand across the City as more people recognise the benefits they can bring. An allotment plot would provide you with a space to connect with your community and get fresh produce straight to your dinner table.

Where is the new growing space?

Growchapel is a community led growing space situated around the football pitch between Halgreen Avenue and Abbotshall Avenue, G15.

What size is the site?

The site is approx. 6000m2 and will feature a number of allotment plots, a sensory Sitooterie space, orchard area and outdoor learning and social spaces. The site will be developed in two phases, the first has already begun and should be complete by mid-July 2021.

In phase one the site will contain:

  • 22 ground plots, ranging from 150m2 - 75m2
  • A composting toilet
  • A Scented Sitooterie space to sit and relax
  • Beehives to help the species grow
  • Pockets of wetland areas, adjacent to the plots, to increase biodiversity

We would encourage interested parties to have a look at the Growchapel FAQs and Application Rules for more information before you fill out the application form.

Find out more about Growchapel on our Storyboard

Contact us

If you would like further information please contact us by email, or alternatively on the postal address below:

Natural Environment Officer (Growing Spaces)
Glasgow City Council
231 George Street
G1 1RX

The How to Guide for Completing Missives

How do I pay for my allotment?

You can pay your invoice online here

Once you are on our Pay It page you should scroll down to the heading Invoices and Other Bills and then click on Glasgow City Council Invoice. 


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