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Glasgow City Council

Private Landlord and Council Tax Smart Partnership Scheme

What is it?  

The Smart Partnership scheme encourages joint working between Glasgow City Council and private landlords in order to establish a mutually beneficial arrangement. The aim of this scheme is to streamline the administration process for both parties, reducing the amount of paperwork required to be supplied by Landlords and Letting Agents and allowing accurate and efficient update of Council Tax records.

The criteria which must be met in order to join the scheme are that:

  • You must be responsible for 25 or more properties
  • You must be registered with the Private Landlord Registration Unit
  • Council Tax balances must be kept up to date
  • You must participate in e-billing instead of paper bills

How do I join the Scheme?

If you are interested in joining the scheme, please email We will then contact you with full details of the scheme and how to join. 

    Do I have to provide any proof?

    You may be required to supply lease agreements and evidence that the property is both occupied and unfurnished especially if you let us know retrospectively. Therefore it is important that you do not delay in advising us of any changes.

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