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Open Space Strategy

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What is it?

To conform to Scottish Government planning guidance, the Council is preparing an Open Space Strategy (OSS) for the City. The OSS will provide a means of co-ordinating the policies and actions of different Council services with responsibility for open space with a view to providing multiple benefits for the City's people and its environment.

Consultation on the draft OSS has now closed.  The consultation documents can be found here.

Open Space Map

A new version of the Open Space Map is now available in an easy to use format. It illustrates the extent, type and spatial distribution of the open spaces protected by policy CDP6: Green Belt & Green Network of the City Development Plan. Each has been categorised on the basis of the open space typology set out in Annex 1 of the Scottish Government's Planning Advice Note 65.

The "splash screen" that opens when you click on the map link provides further information.

Open Space Standards

Analysis of the City's open spaces, undertaken for the OSS, is also assisting with the development of a new set of open space standards for the City. These will be set out in both the OSS and in Supplementary Guidance SG6, being prepared to provide further detail on how to use Policy CDP6. They will help determine whether new or enhanced open spaces are required to support new development and whether a financial contribution should be taken for this purpose.

A draft SG6 was produced for consultation in the spring of 2017 and will be revised to take into account responses received and comments made on the OSS.  It will be subject to further consultation in 2019 prior to adoption alongside the OSS.  In the meantime, Interim Planning Guidance IPG6 will support CDP6 in setting out the Council's approach to the protection of open space and its delivery in association with new development.


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