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Complete the Providers Quarterly Return (PQR)

This page is for all Organisations from which we purchase social care services.

What is a Providers Quarterly Return?

To ensure that service users have access to the widest possible choice of social care services, it is sometimes necessary for the Council to purchase these services from other organisations - we call these organisations 'Providers'. As part of our contract with these Providers we monitor the quality of the services to ensure they meet certain criteria and request that relevant information is shared between us. We do this by asking Providers to complete a Providers Quarterly Return (PQR). All purchased service Providers are required to complete the PQR every quarter, covering the preceding three month period. 

I'm a Provider - how do I complete the Quarterly Return?

All contracted Providers will be sent an email reminding them to complete their quarterly return at the end of each reporting period. Providers can also access the latest PQR via the link below. To let us know of any changes to the contact details for your service, please email the Contract Management Team.

The reporting periods are as follows:


Reporting Period

Providers to Complete PQR Survey In

1st Quarter

1st April to 30th June


2nd Quarter

1st July to 30th September


3rd Quarter

1st October to 31st December


4th Quarter

1st January to 31st March



Click on the link below to complete your PQR:


Is there any Guidance / Documents to help me complete this?

Guidance material on completing the survey is available in the document pdf icon Providers Quartely Return Guidance [37kb] and in the list of pdf icon PQR Frequently Asked Questions [35kb]. To assist you with completing the questions based on whole time equivalent (WTE) staffing arrangements, a spreadsheet icon Whole Time Equivalent calculator [29kb] has been developed.

If you require any assistance with completing your Quarterly Return or operating the WTE calculator, and your question is not answered in the pdf icon guidance document [37kb] or pdf icon frequently asked questions [35kb], please email the Contract Management Team.

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