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Lunch Clubs

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What is a lunch club?

Lunch clubs are social clubs run by local volunteers. Generally they are based in a community or church hall, and provide hot meals for older people. The clubs provide an excellent opportunity for older people to socialise, particularly if they live alone or feel isolated.

How can I join a lunch club?

If the lunch club has a place available, you can attend if you are over 60 and are able to make your own way to the club. Just phone the relevant lunch club and ask if they have a place.

Where are the clubs based?

There are a number of lunch clubs within the Glasgow area. If you would like to attend, you can contact the clubs directly to enquire whether there are spaces available, please visit the Your Support Your Way website which contains specific contact details for each of the clubs within the city.

How much does a lunch club meal cost?

The price of a lunch club meal is agreed at a local level, generally each meal costs around £3.48, although some clubs may charge slightly more for future social events and tea funds.



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