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What is Reablement?

Reablement Homecare is a service that provides tailored support to you in your own home for up to six weeks. It builds confidence by helping you to regain your skills to do what you can and want to do for yourself at home.

Reablement Homecare is provided to most people who are referred for homecare support, including those referred following a hospital stay, to ensure early support provided is tailored to individual need and builds independence where possible.

Reablement Homecare will also be considered when individual needs are reviewed and there is potential to build confidence and independence.

How does the Reablement process work?

Before Reablement starts, dedicated teams will work with you to agree a plan for the period of reablement. The reablement period can last up to six weeks.

The process of reablement involves:

  • Assessment

    Reablement starts with an assessment of what you can do for yourself, and what you would like to do, or what you used to be able to do prior to a hospital admission or accident etc. During reablement, assessment is an ongoing process as the carers work with you as your needs continually change.
  • Care plan

    An Occupational Therapist or a homecare assistant manager will agree with you a plan for your rehabilitation period based on your initial assessment.

    The amount of care and support you receive, during and after your period of reablement, will depend on your needs and is likely to change accordingly.
  • Weekly review

    The reablement team will review your progress each week and update your plan in a care diary. The care plan will be adjusted to meet your changing needs and to promote your regained independence.

    The care diary is kept in your home, so that you, your family and carers can keep track of progress being made and what goals are set.
  • Final review

    A final review is carried out at the end of your reablement period, at this point your progress and changes over the reablement period will be considered and a care plan organised for your ongoing needs, if any.

How much does Reablement cost?

In line with current home care charging, under the Free Personal Care policy, there is no charge for the reablement service for anyone aged 65 and over. There may, however, be charges for other non-personal care services, for example, shopping.

For those under the age of 65, the standard home care charges will apply - see our our Guide to Client Contribution for more information.

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