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Shared Care and Shared Care Plus

Contact Families for Children

  • Phone 0345 276 5555


What is Shared Care?

Shared Care is a family based respite scheme for children with learning disabilities, or who are physically disabled, and usually live with their own families.

Shared Care provides a vital service to families in the community, letting them have much-needed time for themselves and to spend time with their other children and family members.

Children who benefit from our Shared Care service have a range of disabilities. They may be on the autistic spectrum, have physical and/ or learning disabilities, communication difficulties or other complex health needs.

How often can I offer Shared Care?

Our Shared Carers really enjoy spending one weekend a month knowing that they are making a real difference. Shared Carers look after the same child every month, building a relationship with the child and his or her family. An allowance is paid and full training and support is given. Shared Carers often work full-time and enjoy doing something different one weekend a month.

What is Shared Care Plus?

Shared Care Plus carers offer respite for children with a greater level of disability and/ or complex needs. Linked to two - four children, Shared Care Plus carers offer each child around 42 nights of care per year usually at weekends and perhaps a week during the school holidays if possible.

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Could you help families in Glasgow by making a positive difference to a child with a disability?

How do I become a Shared Carer?

After reading the pdf icon information pack [1Mb] you can take the next step to begin the process of becoming a shared carer by contacting Families for Children.

Phone 0345 276 5555 between 8.45am to 4.45pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am to 3.55pm Friday or email us.



Contact Families for Children

  • Phone 0345 276 5555


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