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Youth Justice

Contact Youth Justice

  • Phone 0141 276 3850

What does Youth Justice mean?

Youth Justice in Glasgow is about ensuring that young people who display difficult and challenging behaviours, including offending, are given the supports and opportunities required to remain safely in the community, to change their behaviour, to reduce their vulnerability and to make positive choices for the future.

What is the Glasgow approach to Youth Justice?

A multi-agency Youth Justice Strategy Group in Glasgow has responsibility for planning and strategic development of services for young people involved in offending. All of these agencies share joint responsibility for implementing the Youth Justice Strategy and ensuring that Glasgow's young people achieve the best outcomes in life.

The Youth Justice Strategy Group strives for effective, efficient and evidence-based service provision in local communities - that is ensuring that our services have been subjected to research and scrutiny, that they have been shown to work and that they deliver the best outcomes at the lowest possible cost to the public purse.

The latest Youth Justice pdf icon Annual Report [1Mb] has revealed that youth crime in Glasgow has been on a downward trajectory in recent years showing the positive impact that evidence based services have had on reducing youth offending across the city.

The pdf icon Annual Report [1Mb] details the services we provide and demonstrates why Glasgow is often seen as a model of best practice when it comes to working with young people who offend.

How do I make an enquiry?

To make an enquiry please contact Youth Justice Services on 0141 276 3850




Contact Youth Justice

  • Phone 0141 276 3850
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