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Documentation and Plan Searches

Important Information

Due to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) some of our services have been affected.  For further advice and guidance please read our Information Guide for Service Users

We thank you for your patience during this time.

What is it?

Building Standards and Public Safety may be able to provide you with information about properties where Building Warrants, Completion Certificates or 'Letters of Comfort' have been issued. It may also be possible to view, or obtain a copy of the plans relating to the specific Building Warrant(s) appropriate to your application.

Please note you must receive written permission from the architect before we can provide you with a copy of plans. Records kept by the Service date from 1981.

How do I apply?

Do you need copies of Building Warrants, Completion Certificates, 'Letters of Comfort' or plans?

Applications can be made by submitting a completed application form (SR1), together with a fee of £102 for each postal address to be searched. It should be noted that the fee only covers the cost of searching for the information, there is no guarantee that documentation will be available.

There is an additional variable fee if copies of plans are required, the amount of which depends upon the size and number of copies required, when this has been established an indicative cost can be provided.

The time taken to search for documentation depends on the quality of the information supplied, but we aim to respond to:

  • 90% of domestic property applications within 5 working days.
  • 90% of non-domestic property applications within 8 working days.

Should you have any queries regarding the process please contact the administration officer on 0141 287 8555.

All documents prior to 1981 are stored in:

Archives and Special Collections
The Mitchell
North Street
Glasgow G3 7DN

Phone: 0141 287 2913
Fax: 0141 226 8452

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