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Glasgow City Council

Flood Risk and Drainage Impact Assessments

What is it?

Flooding and watercourses maintenance are managed along with the alleviation of the risk of flooding and the provision of sustainable drainage schemes. Regular maintenance of the City's watercourses is undertaken with an annual budget of more than £300,000.

What is Strategic Drainage

The technical expertise in the formulation of a surface water management strategy for the City which will:

  • aim to reduce the risk of flooding
  • help stimulate regeneration
  • promote environmental improvements

Assistance in the progressing of the Service's delivery of development and regeneration strategies and projects in the following:

  • Vacant and Derelict Land - assessing the potential of such sites for SUDS solutions to surface water drainage.
  • Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Plan- providing a viable strategy for dealing with surface water drainage throughout the Glasgow conurbation.
  • Flood Prevention and Maintenance of Watercourses - working along with other Council Service Providers, SEPA and Scottish Water to provide a standard approach to flooding.

Planning Guidance for Developers

This guidance is to assist developers and engineers to produce Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and Drainage Impact Assessments (DIA's). Planning Officers should advise applicants in the planning process and building warrant process of the requirements to produce FRA's and DIA's in line with this guidance and to provide the necessary compliance and independent check certification

The Flood Prevention (Scotland) Act 1961, as amended by the Flood Prevention and Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1997 required the Local Authority to prepare and publish a report every two years. This biennial report was the seventh compiled by Glasgow City Council in compliance with this Act and covers the period from 31 October 2007 to 1 November 2009.

Please Note:

Summary of Report

Within the initial report, the Council advised that it would corporately manage its watercourses for the good of the environment, its population and its economic development. The contents of this report outline the progress made to date as well as listing the actions taken in respect of its duties under the Flood Prevention and Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1997 which are:

  • The measures which Glasgow City Council considers it requires to take to prevent or mitigate flooding of non-agricultural land within the City.
  • The measures which Glasgow City Council has taken since the date of publication of the previous report, November 2007, to prevent or mitigate such flooding; and
  • All occurrences of such flooding since the previous report.

This report incorporates information recorded by the council on all watercourses within the City.

This will be the last biennial report as the Acts noted above have been replaced by The Flood Management (Scotland) Act 2009. As a consequence, reports will be prepared and updated in line with the requirements of the new legislation.

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