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Protected Trees

Important Information

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What is it?

Glasgow's trees are one of the City's major assets and a vital component of its urban landscape. They add colour and interest to the townscape, provide a sense of scale, soften the visual impact of the built environment, and contribute greatly to the city's character and amenity. They are a valuable wildlife habitat and benefit the environment by filtering dust, wind and noise, absorbing and diffusing heavy rainfall, contributing to urban 'cooling' and by helping to recycle harmful 'greenhouse' gases.

To recognise this importance and to prevent uncontrolled felling or tree surgery, many trees are protected under planning legislation; this is a statutory duty of the Council. Any action or development that may affect the health, appearance or survival of protected trees must be notified to the Council before work is approved to commence.

What are protected trees?

Protected trees are those located within any of the City's 24 conservation areas or are independently protected by a Tree Preservation Order.  Trees may also be protected on a case by case basis if covered by specific conditions attached to planning approval for development work. Any species of tree may be protected, including hedge trees but not bushes or shrubs.

With good maintenance, management and protection of existing trees and encouragement to plant new trees, the council hopes to ensure a good quality, diverse tree cover throughout the City.

Find out if a tree is protected

To find out if a tree is protected follow the links below:

  • Tree Preservation Orders and for designated Conservation Areas check the Property Search register.
  • Check the Online Planning register of Planning Permissions.
  • Contact the Council via its dedicated tree Email Enquiry Line
  • Check whether a TPO has been included in the title deeds of a property at the Register of Sasines (Land Register)
  • If the tree is on Council owned land or a pavement contact Land and Environmental Services (Parks) Aboriculture team on 0141 287 5035 or by Email

Contact Us

General Enquiries

For general enquiries relating to trees on council owned land e.g. parks, street trees or on public land such as schools please Email Arboriculture Team or contact us by Phone on 0141 287 3887.

Trees in Conservation Areas or Tree Preservation Orders

If your enquiry relates to protected trees, trees in conservation areas, Tree Preservation Orders or planning permission for protected trees please Email Tree Enquiry or contact us by phone on 0141 287 8555.   

Registers of Scotland

If your enquiry relates to Regiser of Sasines please Email Registers of Scotland or contact them by phone on 0845 607 0164.   



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