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Parking Controls Surrounding Hampden Stadium

This event day parking zone is to prevent spectators parking within residential areas close to Hampden Stadium.

The significant attendance at events can attract many extra vehicles towards the venue, where, despite alternative parking and transport provisions being put in place, adjacent residential areas seem to be an easy option for those looking to park for the duration of an event. For this reason, parking controls have been introduced during relevant events only.

Resident's parking permits are free for each vehicle registered at their home address and visitor's parking permits are available at a one-off cost of £10 per permit. Businesses will also be issued free parking permits for each of their employees. During a relevant event, only vehicles which display a valid permit or a disabled person's badge will be eligible to park in any of the restricted streets.

This scheme should effectively discourage all other motorists, who may be attending an event at Hampden Stadium, from using the area as a car park to the detriment of road safety and the general amenity of the area.

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