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Parking Controls Hampden Stadium - How the scheme works

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Restrictions are imposed by installing zone signing at each entry point to the zone. These 'Zone Entry' signs will show the time and date the restrictions are in place and will be displayed in advance to notify the local community. There are NO parking bays marked, thereby allowing residents' current parking arrangements to remain unaffected.

Remember, only vehicles which display a valid permit or disabled person's badge will be eligible to park within the zone during restricted times.

Why has the scheme been introduced?

This scheme has been introduced to support events hosted by Hampden Stadium and to alleviate parking difficulties faced by residents during event times.

Do I qualify for a permit?

All qualifying properties were originally issued with an application pack. Properties that fall within the defined zone may make an pdf icon application for a permit [325kb]. Permits are considered for both residential and business properties, residential applicants may also qualify for visitor's permits.

Can I obtain more than one permit?

Yes, applications can be submitted for all residents vehicles registered within the defined zone. Businesses can also apply for a permit for each of their employees.

What is the cost of a permit?

Resident and Business permits are issued free of charge, providing the appropriate documentation is submitted. Visitor's permits are issued at a cost of £10 each.

An administration charge of £10 applies to all lost permits.

What if I change my car?

Permits are not marked with vehicle registrations. They are issued for a period of ten years therefore they are transferable to vehicles registered to the qualifying address.

Can visitors to Hampden Stadium obtain permits to park?

No. The scheme is to assist local residents and businesses during event times.

When is the event day parking zone enforced?

The zone is enforced at event times only, times and dates will be displayed at all entry points to the parking zone in advance of event days.

How do I get an application?

Applications forms and guidance notes can be found on our website.

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