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Complaints About Licensed Premises

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The Licensing Board is committed to encouraging and supporting well‐run licensed premises that meet the diverse needs of our city and that contribute to making and keeping our neighbourhoods places in which people want to live, work and relax.

The Board is of the view that the majority of premises in Glasgow are well managed but, occasionally, concerns and complaints arise about the operation of licensed premises.

Depending on the issue there are a variety of routes available to raise concerns or complaints:

Crime and disorder (including unlicensed activity)

Police Scotland are responsible for dealing with issues relating to crime and disorder.

Examples of the type of issue dealt with by the police include:

  • Violent or verbally abusive behaviour from staff or patrons of licensed premises
  • Underage sales of alcohol
  • Drug dealing
  • Selling alcohol without a licence
  • Any matter of criminality normally referred to Police Scotland

Noise nuisance

Complaints relating to noise nuisance connected to licensed premises can be investigated our Environmental Health team. You can report a noise problem by using our online form.

Weights and measures

Concerns relating to potential beaches of weights and measures legislation, such as short measures being sold in licensed premises, should be directed to our trading standards unit.

Food safety

Issues relating to food safety in licensed premises should be directed to our Environmental Health team. You can report a food safety problem using our online form.

Litter and Commercial Waste

Issues with litter and commercial waste generated by licensed premises should be directed to our Public Health team. You can report a litter and commercial waste problem by using our online form.

Light pollution

Enquiries relating to potential light pollution by licensed premises should be directed to our Environmental Health team. You can report potential light pollution by using our online form.

Smoking in enclosed public places

Our Environmental Health team can investigate potential breaches of legislation such as smoking within licensed premises. You can report smoking within licensed premises by using our online form

Breach of licence conditions and general concerns

Our licensing standards officers (LSOs) can investigate potential breaches of licence conditions including:

  • Premises offering irresponsible promotions
  • Allowing children access to the premises outwith agreed times
  • Operating external drinking areas outwith agreed times

LSOs may also be able to investigate complaints relating to the general operation of premises if this is inconsistent with the licensing objectives.

Other Complaints

Any other type of complaint relating to the operation of licensed premises can be directed to our licensing standards officers in the first instance.


Contact Licensing

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