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Glasgow City Council

Air Quality

Report a Public Health Problem

Good air quality is essential for our health, quality of life and the environment. Air becomes polluted when it contains substances which can have a harmful effect on the environment and our health.

Air Quality Monitoring

We operate a range of automatic and non-automatic monitoring equipment in various parts of the city.

We own and operate eight automatic monitoring stations. These monitor a variety of pollutants including nitrogen dioxides, particulates, carbon monoxide and also ozone.

In addition, we act as Local Site Operators on behalf of the Scottish Government for a further four automatic air quality monitoring sites in Glasgow. These are located on Hope Street, Great Western Road, Townhead and High Street.

The Scottish Government has established a web site, Scottish Air Quality Archive, which gives real time information on air quality at any of the automatic monitoring stations in Glasgow, which can be accessed here: Scottish Air Quality Archive

Report a smoky lorry or bus

If residents are concerned about the emission of smoke from vehicles with smoky diesel engines they should visit the government website.

On the government website there is a form that can be filled out, submitted and the complaint investigated by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Engine idling

When you stop switch it off

Your idling engine harms others and costs you money.

Fixed Penalty fines of £20 maybe issued if engines are not switched off when asked.

If you want to report an engine idling offence, please contact us on 0141 287 1059 (press option 3).

Contact us

You can report a Public Health Problem by using our online form or by phoning 0141 287 1059.


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