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Glasgow City Council

Culture and Sport Glasgow, trading as Glasgow Life

What is it?

Culture and Sport Glasgow was incorporated on 22 December 2006 as a company limited by guarantee and Glasgow City Marketing Bureau Limited was incorporated within Culture and Sport Glasgow as a wholly owned subsidiary from 1 April 2016. The company is a registered charity. The company's principal objectives are to advance the arts, heritage, culture and science, education and health, participation in sport, citizenship and community development through the provision of recreational facilities and other services that contribute to the advancement of well-being. Under accounting standards, we have a controlling interest in this company.  It is therefore included in our group annual accounts as a subsidiary. 

Current Annual Accounts

pdf icon 2021-22 [3Mb]

Archived Annual Accounts

pdf icon 2020 - 2021 [954kb]

pdf icon 2019 - 20 [557kb]

pdf icon 2018 - 19 [871kb]

pdf icon 2017-18 [408kb]

pdf icon 2016-17 [400kb]

pdf icon 2015-16 [405kb]

pdf icon 2014-15 [169kb]

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