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Any person using the pontoons do so at his or her own risk.  Glasgow City Council does not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any loss, damage or injury sustained by any person using the pontoon(s).

Please be aware that the Millennium Bridge is currently out of operation and cannot be opened for river traffic.

We issue the following advice for visitors who wish to use Plantation Quay pontoon

Check tide tables and the air draft of your vessel to ensure that it can safely pass under these bridges BEFORE you submit a berthing application.

A further notice will be issued once the bridge is fully operational.

Please note that Broomielaw Pontoon is closed until further notice.

Pontoon Updates

All berthing applications must be completed via the link provided with corresponding times and dates - We do not accept provisional bookings.

This web page is for booking berths at the river pontoons only.

If you are seeking information regarding the installation of additional structures on the river, or advice on any proposed commercial activity, please contact our planning department for more information at

Where are our pontoons?

  • Plantation Quay pontoon is located on the South Bank of the river at the Media Quarter adjacent to the Glasgow Science Centre - 40m in length with a Maximum displacement weight of 200T. Freeboard section is 600mm
  • Govan Pontoon is located on the South bank of the river a short walk from Govan Town centre  - 30m in length with a Maximum displacement weight of 200T. Freeboard section is 600mm.
  • Yorkhill Pontoon is located on the Northbank of the river at the Riverside Museum - 50m in length with a Maximum displacement weight of 200T. Freeboard section is 600mm, with an additional 9m length 300mm freeboard section for canoe access.

What services are available at the pontoons?

  • Plantation Quay and Yorkhill pontoons both have lighting and electrical connections for berthing vessels
  • Plantation Quay has a fresh water supply
  • Govan pontoon currently has no services or fresh water installed

How do I book a berth at a pontoon?

  • Events/Block Bookings - If you wish to utilise the Pontoons for larger scale events, please note that we require at least 8-12 weeks notice of your planned event. Each vessel taking part in the event will require a berthing application
  • Summer Season Bookings - It should be noted that May to September are the busiest periods for our pontoons. During these months there are often large events planned for the River and around the pontoons. With this in mind, we require any bookings for this period at least 4 weeks in advance
  • We currently only provide berthing for short stay duration bookings of 3 nights or less.
  • Bookings can be made Mon-Fri (8am - 4pm) via the link provided. Please note that our offices are closed during Bank Holidays and Christmas/New Year
  • All berthing applications must be completed a minimum of 24 hrs in advance of arrival
  • All vessels are required to vacate the pontoons by 11.00 hrs on the morning of departure

How much does it cost?

Berthing is currently provided free of charge to all visitors. However, we are currently considering a daily berthing fee for larger commercial vessels.

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