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The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Cabinet Joint Committee

What is it?

The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Cabinet is a Joint Committee established on 20 January 2015. The purpose of the Committee is to determine the Strategic Development priorities for the Clyde Valley Region and to monitor and ensure the delivery of the City Deal programme as agreed between member authorities and the UK and Scottish Governments. The City Deal programme anticipates the delivery for a £1.1 billion investment programme and in addition, delivery of labour market and innovation programmes. They have not been consolidated into our group annual accounts as they are considered immaterial to the understanding of the accounts.

Current Annual Accounts

pdf icon 2019 - 20 [531kb]

Archived Annual Accounts and Audit Reports

pdf icon 2018 - 19 [273kb]

pdf icon 2017-18 [191kb]

pdf icon 2017-18 Audit Report [683kb]

pdf icon 2016-17 [155kb]

pdf icon 2016-17 Audit Report [999kb]

pdf icon 2015-16 [439kb]

pdf icon 2015-16 Audit Report [394kb]

pdf icon 2014-15 [138kb]

pdf icon 2014-15 Audit Report [452kb]

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