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What is it?

Digital Glasgow is a city strategy, developed in dialogue with and focused on promoting collaboration between the public, third and private sectors. It is a partnership that pulls together expertise from business, the public sector, universities and colleges, the third sector and community organisations.

What are the aims?

The city aims to become a world leading digital city by 2017.  The success of this ambition rests on two core requirements:

  1. A world class digital infrastructure - essential to supporting the wider transformation of the city, attracting new businesses and jobs and supporting major regeneration projects; and
  2. Ensuring Glasgow businesses and residents have the skills required to create and access the opportunities that this digital infrastructure has to offer.

Digital Glasgow Roadmap

The Digital Glasgow Roadmap was developed to ensure the city can deliver on these two requirements.  A number of work streams have been identified which together will deliver on the vision for Glasgow to be a world leading digital city:

  • Broadband Infrastructure
  • Urban Wireless
  • Digital Participation
  • Digital Business
  • Digital Public Services

Work is progressing across each of the work streams at pace and Glasgow was the first Scottish City to provide free public Wi-Fi internet access in the city centre for residents, visitors and businesses.  This was in place in advance of the Commonwealth Games 2014.  Phase 2 will commence in 2016.



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