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Report an Emergency

What do I do?

Should you discover flooding in your area and consider it a risk to your own or any other property you can report this using our online form.

If there is risk to life then you can contact the Emergency Services in the first instance and ask for Fire and Rescue. The controller will assess the severity of the incident and dispatch the appropriate resources. Should the emergency services consider that assistance from us is necessary, they will contact the Resilience Unit.

Preparation and Planning

The Ready Scotland website has extensive information about flooding and offers various tools to assist with your planning and response, instructions on how to develop a flood plan, as well as making sure you have adequate insurance in place. Also available is The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)'s free FloodLine system which sends a direct warning message to your mobile device.


We endeavour to protect parts of Glasgow which are known to be vulnerable to flooding with sandbags during the winter months in order to give council Services a head start to the response should flooding take place. The White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme to the south of the city was completed in October 2011 and has since been tested successfully.

Report an Emergency

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