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Supported Care

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What is Supported Care?

Supported Care aims to give young people who are leaving care the chance to stay with Supported Carers who can help them learn practical skills required for adult life, such as cooking, housekeeping and budgeting. Supported Carers offer the young person a spare room in their home and provide the day-to-day emotional, social and practical support that the young person needs. This helps the young person grow in confidence and to feel that they are not alone and to develop the skills they will need, so that they can live independently in the future. Supported Carers will support and encourage the young person to achieve in employment, education, develop hobbies and maintain links with friends and family. Really, Supported Carers give young care leavers the chance to flourish and to look forward to a future living independently.


Why do young people leaving care need Supported Care?

Young people leaving care have often been living in a residential unit, or perhaps in a foster placement. They need time and support to develop the skills and confidence required for living as adults; they need to learn the practical skills they would have learned if they had grown up in an ordinary family home. This could be support with managing household tasks, or emotional support as they work out what they want to do in the future. It could be support as they attend college or prepare for the world of work. Our young people prepare to move into Supported Care around the age of 16. They stay for varying lengths of time, from a few months to when they are in their 20's and have completed their education. Supported carer's often help young people make that final transition to their own tenancy.


What kind of people are Supported Carers?

Supported Carers come from a variety of backgrounds. They can be married or single, working or retired, childless or have children still living at home. Just as our young people have different interests, abilities and preferences - we require a wide range of carer's to meet their diverse needs.

If you are interested in being a supported carer then you should have a spare room that is suitable for a young person as well as appropriate access to shared living areas.

We would be very interested to hear from people who feel able to support young mums and their babies.


Do I need qualifications and do I get paid?

You need to have an interest in the welfare of young people but no formal qualifications.  You will also receive ongoing support, supervision and training to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence as a supported carer.  We have a thorough assessment process, which ensures that all of our Supported Carers are fully prepared for the role.

You will receive an allowance for each young person in your care. Currently this is £236.60 per week, plus an additional allowance of £50 per week towards the cost of caring for a young person. There is an additional allowance for a mother and baby placement.


How do I become a Supported Carer?

You can take the next step to find out about the process of becoming a supported carer by emailing us or phoning us on 0141 302 2800.

Contact Leaving Care

  • Phone 0141 302 2800
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