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Psychological Services

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  • Phone (North East)
    0141 276 2170
  • Phone (North West)
    0141 276 2070
  • Phone (South)
    0141 276 3270

The Service is organised into three area teams (North West, North East, and South). We provide a psychological service to all mainstream and specialist educational establishments within the city. We also have statutory responsibilities in relation to referrals from the Reporters' Department and the provision of an Educational Psychological Service to children who are Care Experienced and who are Looked After Away from Home by the council and living outwith Glasgow.

Glasgow Educational Psychological Service promotes inclusion of all children and young people to maximise their potential for learning and to enhance their social and emotional wellbeing. We work with and through the significant people in children's lives: parents, school staff, and other professionals. We also work with and for children where there are barriers to learning that may arise from a range of factors including disabilities, health needs, family circumstances, the learning environment and social and emotional factors.

Glasgow Educational Psychological Service embraces the value of equality of opportunity and fairness and all demands made on service delivery are subject to these principles.

Who do we work with?

All of our psychologists are registered or eligible for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) which regulates the profession.

We have close links with the post-graduate training course at Dundee University and support around 9 trainees each year. Glasgow Educational Psychological Service is also accredited with the British Psychological Society to provide a probationary period for new entrants to the profession.

Glasgow Educational Psychological Service has written policies and practice guidelines in key aspects of service provision, which are regularly updated and reviewed. We are committed to quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

Our vision

Glasgow aspires to become the Nurturing City and to support this aim Glasgow Psychological Service strives to be a service that keeps the wellbeing of all children, young people, and their families at the centre of its work.

In partnership with parents/carers, Education Services staff and our partners in Social Work and Health we will apply psychology and evidence-based practice to support the inclusion of children and young people in their local schools and communities.  Focusing on building strengths and resilience we will work together with others to support additional needs and improve outcomes for all.

To do this we will:

  • Keep the wellbeing of all children and young people at the centre of our work, especially those who are looked after.
  • Work in partnership with others to give children, young people, and parents/carers a voice.
  • Promote inclusion and attainment to improve lifelong outcomes for all.
  • Use research to help us improve learning and teaching in all our schools and establishments.
  • Use a holistic, ecological approach to understand individual need.
  • Use a solution oriented, strengths-based approach to build resilience and empower our stakeholders.
  • Promote equality, diversity, fairness, and transparency in all our work.
  • Work ethically and support self-reflection to continually improve our service.

All educational psychologists are expected to conform to the standards exemplified in The BPS (British Psychological Society) Code of Conduct, Ethical Principles and Guidelines (November 2000).

Standards and Quality reports

To be added

Area office locations

Psychological Service North East Area
Gadburn Campus
70 Rockfield Road 
Depute Principal Educational Psychologist: Yvonne Bushnell           

Psychological Service North West Area
Ladywell Building 
12A Victoria Park Drive South
Glasgow G14 9RN
Depute Principal Educational Psychologist: William Corrall

Psychological Service South Area
c/o Govan High School
12 Ardnish Street
Glasgow G51 4NB
Depute Principal Educational Psychologist: David Patrick

Get In Touch


  • Phone (North East)
    0141 276 2170
  • Phone (North West)
    0141 276 2070
  • Phone (South)
    0141 276 3270

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