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Parking Controls Surrounding Scotstoun

Over the past few years Glasgow City Council and its partners have enjoyed considerable success in attracting major national and international rugby and athletics events to Glasgow.
Scotstoun Stadium is generally used as the main outdoor venue for these events, which can take place, on average, fifteen times per year. A considerable attendance can be generated during such events. This additional attendance can attract many extra vehicles towards the venue, where, despite alternative parking and transport provisions being put in place, adjacent residential areas can be an easy option for those looking to park for the duration of an event.

For this reason we have introduced parking controls in nearby streets during relevant events only. Free resident's parking permits will be issued to all residents who apply, and visitors' parking permits are available at a one-off cost of £10 per permit. During a relevant event, only vehicles which display a valid permit or a disabled person's blue badge will be eligible to park in any of the restricted streets.

This scheme should effectively discourage all other motorists, who may be attending an event at the Scotstoun Stadium, from using the area as a car park to the detriment of road safety and the general amenity of the area.

How it works

We appreciate that the aesthetics of the 'Avenues' area of Scotstoun is a very important issue to the residents of the area. A more sympathetic, less intrusive method of parking control was required to respect the amenity of this conservation area. We appreciate that miles of yellow lines and associated signplates can be an intrusive addition to the streetscape. We, therefore, opted to introduce restrictions without using yellow lines and associated signplates.

By creating a 'Permit Zone', restrictions are imposed by installing Zone signing at each entry point to the zone; these can be seen on the detailed plan. These Zone Entry signs will show the time and date of each relevant major event. Therefore the restrictions will only be valid during that time. The date and time shown on the 'Zone Entry' signs will change to show when the next relevant event will take place, thus giving advance notice to the local community. There will be no parking bays marked either, thereby allowing residents' current parking arrangements to continue as before.

Remember, only vehicles which display a valid permit or disabled person's blue badge will be eligible to park within the zone during restricted times.

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