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Older Private Housing

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What is it?

Glasgow's older private houses, including some 74,000 built before 1919, are a vital part of the city's housing stock. They provide a flexible housing resource and give the city much of its distinctive character.

While substantial progress has been made by improving the traditional sandstone tenements, many properties are still sub-tolerable or affected by disrepair and dampness.

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 has made fundamental changes to the legislative framework for addressing condition problems in private housing. From April 2010 the Council has replaced the system of grant funding with a Scheme of Assistance. This statement sets out the circumstances in which Glasgow City Council will prioritise particular types of information, advice, practical support and financial assistance to private house owners in relation to works carried out to private houses.

There is a range of information and advice to individuals who want to repair or improve their homes or advice on how to obtain estimates for minor repairs. The Information for home owners page will also provide information on a wide range of housing issues for individuals.

A Factoring Commission was established in June 2012. The Commission has been tasked with developing practical recommendations to improve property management in the City.

Contact Housing

  • Phone 0141 287 8648
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