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Calton Barras Action Plan (CBAP)

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What is it?

The 'Calton Barras Action Plan' (CBAP) was approved by the Council's Executive Committee on 27 September 2012.

The key objective was to create an attractive and well-connected neighbourhood with a distinctive and vibrant Barras Market at its core. Most projects are now complete but work is still continuing with the Barras Public Realms Phase 2.

Ongoing Projects

Barras Public Realm Phase 2
Focuses on routes from the city centre and includes road narrowing and extending the pavement outside Barrowland Ballroom to create a flexible public space.

Completed Projects

A range of Environmental Improvements have taken place with the aim of creating a sense of place and improving access to quality open space. These include works to Bain Square, a key civic square linking Calton to the Barras and the city centre; enabling works to create a temporary urban park (Barrowland Park) and a range of local environmental enhancements.

The Barras Vacant and Underused Floorspace Grant Scheme
Was set up to provide financial support for the re-use of vacant and underused land and buildings. There was a strong demand for this scheme and 6 projects were supported, bringing activity and new uses to the area.

The Barras Shopfront Improvement Scheme
Supported the refurbishment of shopfronts prior to the Commonwealth Games. This scheme has helped reduce vacancy rates, created a more attractive streetscape and brought a number of new businesses to the area.

The Barras Masterplan
Proposed interventions to improve streets in and around the Barras in recognition that investing in the public realm could act as a catalyst to encourage private investment in buildings and boost trade by creating a better trading environment.

The Barras Public Realm
Works were influenced by local businesses and residents and led to a number of practical solutions to enhance the streets and spaces for traders whilst retaining the distinct urban grain that defined the market. These include:

  • Improved lighting and CCTV
  • The introduction of high quality materials to enhance the overall market experience for traders and visitors
  • Measures to minimise the dominance of vehicular traffic and make the streets more pedestrian friendly.

If you require any further information or assistance please contact:

Planning and Building Standards
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Contact Calton Barras

  • Phone 0141 287 8555
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