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Common Property Repairs and Maintenance

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What is it?

All properties require repair and maintenance.  In tenement buildings, it is important that all owners in the property are aware of potential defects and how these can be repaired and also how to ensure that the property is properly maintained to prevent high cost repairs in the future.

Who is it for?

This advice is for all owner occupiers and owner landlords of tenement buildings. 

Information on common property repair and maintenance

The vast majority of tenement properties in Glasgow have the same shared common building elements.  These usually include:

  • The roof - which includes all slates or tiles, timbers, the loft space, roofing felt, flashing's, leadwork, gutters, parapets, chimney heads and chimney stacks
  • External stonework (where this is defined in the title deeds), roughcast, brickwork and gable ends (where the tenement is not adjoined by another tenement).
  • Downpipes
  • The rising cold water main pipe on your side of the building
  • The common close and staircase including steps, bannisters and ballustrades
  • The front steps and any porticos or decorative entranceways
  • External steps, ballustrades and wrought iron works
  • A controlled entry door and common electrical circuitry
  • Close tiles and/or plasterwork
  • A rear close door or gate, any stairs leading to the backcourt and any rear close access areas
  • All parts of the back court including fences, railings, gates, bin stores or bin shelters, common drying areas including washing poles, grassed or earthed areas, gravel beds and hard standing areas; retaining walls
  • Some (but not all) front garden areas
  • Drains and underground pipes
  • The solum and foundations
  • Gable wall (unless shared with adjacent tenement where both sets of tenement owners have to take responsibility)

Common property defects and maintenance plans?

A checklist of potential property defects can be found attached below, please note this is only a sample plan for your information:

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