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What is it?

Energy efficiency in the home relates to both electricity use and fuel consumption for heating and hot water.

Useful tips for immediate ways to save energy can be found below.

Helpful tips to save energy


  • switch off lights in empty rooms - especially at the end of the day
  • use low energy light bulbs
  • use daylight - keep windows and skylights clean and clear
  • clean light fittings annually
  • turn off electrical appliances - do not leave them on standby
  • wash clothes at a lower temperature.

More information is available from the Energy Saving Trust website.


  • set the thermostat at 19 or 20 degrees - costs rise by 8% for every degree increase. (If the thermostat is in the hall it should be set at 18 degrees).
  • keep radiators clear - don't block radiators with furniture as it reduces efficiency and output
  • keep windows closed in cold weather - if it is too warm, turn the heating down instead.

Advice for home energy conservation

  • draft-proof doors and windows
  • seal drafts around floors and skirting boards
  • install loft insulation (ideally 200mm, if less than 100mm, top it up)
  • install double or secondary glazing
  • investigate the possibility of installing cavity wall insulation in your property. This is usually the most cost effective means of reducing heating costs.
  • Fit individual thermostatic radiator valves if you don't have any.

Advice on reducing fuel bills

  • ensure that your bills relate to up-to-date meter readings, not estimates
  • pay your fuel bills by direct debit
  • purchase both gas and electricity from the same supplier
  • use the Internet to check out the cheapest energy provider.
  • If you are struggling with fuel poverty, please contact Glasgow Helps.
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