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Glasgow City Council

Cycle Hire Scheme

Contact Glasgow Bike Station

  • Phone 0141 248 5409

Glasgow has a public cycle hire scheme provided by Nextbike.

The scheme offers 500 bikes for public hire at 67 locations across the city.

Customers can register as a member or can use the scheme as a casual user via the Nextbike website or by telephone. Full details can be found online and at docking stations across the city.

Annual subscribers will be provided with a identification card which can be swiped over the cycle's on-board computer sensor to speed up the hire process. As many as four bikes can be hired on one card.

Additionally, members can use the Nextbike schemes in other cities such as Stirling and Dublin.

Hire costs are displayed at docking stations and are also online.

Hire station locations

Locations of the hire station can be found on the Nextbike website

Report a stolen or abandoned hire bike

The bikes are looked after by Glasgow Bike Station.

Should you spot a hire bike which is abandoned or you suspect is stolen, please call 0141 248 5409 and their team will be able to check the status of the bike and arrange pick up if required.

Contact Glasgow Bike Station

  • Phone 0141 248 5409

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