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St Roch's Secondary pupils chosen as one of Scotland's Young Ambassadors for Inclusion.

Through the programme, young people who face barriers to education will be given a voice at a national level to help make a significant impact in raising awareness of the issues around additional support needs and inclusive education.

Keren and Connor met with their fellow Ambassadors for their first meeting recently where they discussed their experiences of inclusive education and how they have benefited from having the right support in place.

The meeting hosted by Education Scotland also provided the opportunity for Keren and Connor to share their views of the support provided by teachers and classmates, their learning environment, and give their perspective on how additional support for learning can be further improved.

Keren responded in British Sign Language: "When I first heard that I was selected to be a Young Ambassador for Inclusion, I felt a little nervous but really excited at the same time. I get a lot of support at St. Roch's Secondary - the staff know me well and know how to meet my needs. I would like to help other deaf pupils and those with additional learning needs to get the support they require too."

Connor said: "I'm delighted to be a Young Ambassador for Inclusion. It was not an opportunity I was not expecting to get so I'm really pleased to be involved and it will help to further build my confidence. I am looking forward to working to help other young people and teachers improve education."

Minister for Learning, Sciences and Scotland's Languages, Dr Alasdair Allan, said: "The Scotland's Young Ambassador for Inclusion Programme is a great opportunity for young people to make a difference to how additional support for learning teaching is delivered across the country. Their insight into inclusive education is invaluable. It will help to identify areas where practice can be improved upon to ensure that young people have the correct support available to fulfil their potential."

So far, 21 Ambassadors have been chosen to represent their local authority and school.

Lesley Brown, Education Scotland's Strategic Director for Families, Inclusion and Local Authorities, said: "We are delighted to launch Scotland's Young Ambassadors for Inclusion programme and look forward to working with Keren and Connor and their fellow Ambassadors.

"The group will work together to share views and experiences of inclusive education and act as a 'voice' at a national level. We want their perspective on what approaches work well and consider ways to develop and support inclusive education in Scotland.

"These inspirational young people have overcome many barriers to education and we hope they feel proud in their new role. Their knowledge, experience and empathy with others make them a great choice to represent their peers within inclusive education."

Mr Stone, Headteacher at St Roch's Secondary, said: "We in St Roch's are honoured and delighted that Keren and Connor have been selected for this Ambassador role. They epitomise everything that St Roch's stands for in terms of inclusion and achievement. In addition, they have both demonstrated absolute dedication to supporting other pupils and to enhancing further the positive ethos of our school."

As a member of the group, each Ambassador will participate in national meetings, they will share the work of the group in their school and local authority area, and work to take forward the outcomes of national meetings.

Further information about support for learning and inclusive education can be found here

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