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Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport

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The council, Glasgow Life and sportscotland have developed an integrated and strategic approach to the management of physical education, physical activity, school sport, as well as sport in the local community. Glasgow is committed to its targets and has formed a Physical education, physical activity and school sport (PEPASS) team.

We are delivering against key priority areas:

  • 2014 legacy sport
  • Physical education and school sport
  • Participation
  • Coach education and leadership
  • Club coaching and volunteering
  • Events and competition

Active Schools

Glasgow Education Services PEPASS Team has a team of Active Schools Co-ordinators (ASC's) who work with Primary, Secondary and ASL establishments across the city.

The team work to provide more and higher quality opportunities for children and young people to participate in sport and physical activity before school, during lunchtime and after school.

The team also manages and provides access to world class and local events and competitive opportunities for pupils across the city.

A key area of focus to developing school sport is through the leadership programmes for pupils and building capacity through the recruitment, retention and development of a network of deliverers and volunteers.

Collaboration and partnership working is critical to the success of Active Schools. Co-ordinators work closely with parents, school staff and pupils to provide opportunities that reflect young people's interests and connect to physical education and local community opportunities. Beyond the school environment Active Schools coordinators work with a range of partners including local sports clubs, sports development officers, community sport hubs, colleges and universities to provide pathways to support young people to stay involved and progress in sport.

In doing so Active Schools contributes to the health and being agenda, development of vocational skills and widening achievement of the young people in the city.

pdf icon North East Area Year Planner 2016 to 2017 [1Mb]

Youth leadership

Leadership programmes are developed throughout primary and secondary school, engaging children and young people to influence and lead on school sport delivery.

There is a pathway of opportunity for pupils to gain new skills in the key areas of leadership:

  • Young people as deliverers/ coaches
  • Young people as technical officials
  • Young people as event and competition organisers
  • Young people as decision makers
  • Young people as ambassadors

Leadership opportunities create a legacy to support future participation and improve employability skills.

The target group of senior pupils engaged as young ambassadors/ sports leaders/ dance leaders within their schools, makes an outstanding contribution to the planning and delivery of many PEPASS projects and programmes.

Leadership programmes: Education

P6/7Primary LeadershipBuddies/ Activators
S1/2 Secondary Leadership   Playmakers/ Young Leader Award
S3-6Secondary Leadership   Sport Level 1/2/3
S3-6Secondary Leadership   Dance Level 1/2/3
S3-6Secondary Young Ambassadorssportscotland

Glasgow swim team

The Glasgow swim team delivers a programme to all primary schools teaching and promoting swimming to children from P.5 through to P.7.

Children have the opportunity to complete the following courses:

  • Water confidence
  • Learning to swim
  • Distance swimming

The children are assessed under the National Swimming Assessment Criteria for Scottish swimming. Triple S swimmers, where necessary, are offered the top up swimming programme ensuring core skills in water confidence are established.


Glasgow is leading the way in terms of what we do in education to encourage children and young people to lead healthy lifestyles. Dance is a major element of the physical activity available to Glasgow schools and is delivered through a number of programmes including Determined to Dance and Active Schools.

Determined to Dance is delivered by a team of highly qualified dance coaches. Throughout the programme, the coaches and pupils work together to learn about dance techniques, music and coordination, motivation and self-esteem. The children and young people create their own routines which they then perform to a range of audiences.

Outdoor education

Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre is Glasgow's main outdoor education provision

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