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Glasgow City Council

Local Air Quality Management

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We are required to review and assess air quality within its area. These reviews are the basis of local air quality management and are intended to compare current and future concentrations of key air pollutants with the objectives set in the National Air Quality Strategy.

The National Air Quality Strategy has set and updated target concentrations for eight key air pollutants

  • benzene,
  • 1,3-butadiene,
  • carbon monoxide,
  • lead,
  • nitrogen dioxide,
  • ozone,
  • particles
  • sulphur dioxide.

Should an assessment indicate that levels of a particular pollutant will not achieve the objective by the target date then the area concerned should be designated an air quality management area and the local authority must draw up and implement an action plan aimed at reducing levels of the pollutant.

Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA)

Glasgow has AQMAs located at the City Centre, Byres Rd / Dumbarton Rd and Parkhead Cross. All of these have been declared for the pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The City Centre and Byres Rd / Dumbarton Rd AQMAs have also been declared for the pollutant particles (PM10).

Selecting the links below will show maps of the AQMAs.

Planning and Guidance

We have produced guidance for developers with regards to air quality which can be found below:

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