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Children's competition celebrates critical reasoning

The First Citizen met with members of the Pupil Council whom she chatted to about the Philosophy for Children project inspired by famous philosopher Plato's teachings promoting philosophical reasoning and scepticism.

The Lord Provost said: "Children think very deeply about the world: what is right and wrong and fair and unfair. I'm always very impressed by pupils I talk to when visiting our schools. Their honesty and lack of inhibition is always refreshing.

"This competition is a wonderful opportunity for them to put their thoughts into words and share what matters to them with us. I'm really looking forward to reading their entries."

Plato founded Greece's 'First Academy', or school, for reasoned and critical thinking around 2400 years ago. The launch of the Philosophy for Children project celebrates that event and the importance of philosophical thought, logic and thinking skills in developing values in society.

The competition is open to P7 pupils and supports the curriculum's 'citizenship and values' learning objectives.

The authors of the three top entries will receive a £1000 prize and a bust of Plato for their school.

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