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Better Eating Better Learning - Glasgow schools' food policy launch

Published 20 January 2016

A Food Policy for Glasgow Schools

All nursery, primary and secondary schools in Glasgow have adopted a new food policy following extensive consultation with children, young people, school staff, stakeholders and parents.

The policy, a first for the city, highlights and recommends ways in which children and young people should be learning about food and health and the impact this has on their lives.

The food policy was launched at Lourdes Secondary School where pupils and catering staff were also joined by children from the local primary school, Our Lady of the Rosary.

As Bailie Liz Cameron, Executive Member for Children, Young People and Lifelong Learning explains: "We pride ourselves in delivering a top-notch school meal service every day in Glasgow.

"Our city is also sector-leading in a number of innovative school meal initiatives that has seen uptake increase over the last few years.
"We can now boast one of the best, cost effective school meal services in the country that conforms to all the nutritional standards.

"The food policy has been written on back of an audit of our practice and in conjunction with Cordia - our school meal provider and we have carried out an extensive consultation seeking the views of schools, parents and catering managers across the city.

"Their views, advice and suggestions have helped to shape the food policy we have now published that will serve the needs of all our pupils' needs."

The policy has a number of recommendations for schools - including the introduction of a SNAG (School Food and Nutrition Action Group) in each one of the city's schools and nurseries.

The SNAG in each school is then responsible for working towards each of the recommendations in the policy.

As Bailie Cameron adds: "It is our duty to make sure that everyone child and young person in the city is well informed about food and the relationship between food and healthy lifestyles.

"It is only then that they can make the correct healthy choices about food which will have an impact throughout their lives.

"Good nutrition leads to good learning."

Key recommendations

•    All schools should establish a School Food and Nutrition Action Group (SNAG)
•    Through SNAGs young people should be discouraged from bringing cooked, prepared food from outlets outside to consume on school premises
•    SNAGs should encourage young people to remain in school and promote stay on site lunch experiences
•    Packed lunch leaflets should be revised and distributed to schools
•    Schools, via SNAGs, should review and improve the dining hall experience for young people
•    SNAGs should make contact with local businesses and encourage them to work towards a Healthy Living Award
•    All food waste in schools should be recycled
•    Cordia should develop a programme that delivers a range of fresh produce, locally sourced wherever possible for pupils to sample - these will form part of schools' improved approaches to a young people's dining experience


Published 20 January 2016

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