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Council Tax Discount and Exemptions Enquiry form

If you don't know what proof to provide for a Discount or Exemption, or you want to apply, find out more on our Discounts and Exemptions page.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 20 days.  If it has been more than 20 days since you submitted your application, please use this form to give us additional information.

Privacy Statement

To find out how we will process and use your personal information in connection with this request please see our Privacy Statement

iCM Form
    1. To help us answer your enquiry we need to know your Council Tax Reference Number. This can be found on your bill or a letter you have from us about Council Tax.
    2. Please provide the address you are enquiring about
    3. We will use the information you provide to contact you if we need to.
    4. If you don't live at the address above, please provide your address.
    5. Have you sent us an application for a Council Tax discount or exemption?
    6. *
    1. Please select the discount or exemption you are enquirying about.
    1. Please select from the options below and use the text box to tell us about your enquiry.
    2. *
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