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Glasgow's new road safety campaign targets pedestrians

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Pedestrians in Glasgow are being encouraged to be more vigilant when crossing the city's roads in a new campaign aimed at reducing road casualty figures in the city.

Go Safe Glasgow, the city's multi-agency road safety partnership, is launching a major campaign that includes a thought-provoking TV advert (which can be viewed below) in a drive to improve road safety across the city.

The new campaign is targeted at all age groups, with a particular focus on the elderly.  Last year, 15 pedestrians died on the city's roads, 12 of whom were elderly.  

Today, Bailie Elaine McDougall, the council's executive member for transport, environment and sustainability, said: "We are determined to make every effort to reduce the number of people injured and killed on our roads.  

"There are safer crossing facilities installed on streets across the city to allow people to cross busy roads safely.  

"Every fatality is a tragedy and hopefully the campaign will encourage people to think twice before they step out."

As part of the campaign, leaflets and posters will be distributed throughout the city centre and within local communities as well as shopping centres, subway stations and car parks.

Go Safe Glasgow is working closely with other agencies, including First Bus, to improve driver and pedestrian road safety awareness.

The initiative demonstrates the commitment of Go Safe Glasgow, the road safety partnership led by Glasgow City Council. The partnership was formed in 2009 to help deliver and promote road safety in Glasgow.  

It brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience and includes representatives from Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland, Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Greater Glasgow, Glasgow Community Planning Partnership and Community Safety Glasgow.

Inspector Janet Dickie, from the Greater Glasgow Divisional Road Policing Unit said today: "Every road crash is preventable. One death or serious injury, is one too many on our roads. We all share the same road space and we need to be really aware of what is going on around us. This is particularly important when it comes to elderly road users who may be more vulnerable.

"For drivers, this means making good decisions around appropriate speed for the circumstances - especially in built-up areas. For pedestrians, this means crossing where it is safe to do so and not taking any chances.

"We are delighted to be working with Go Safe Glasgow as they launch their new campaign. We are confident that it will prompt both pedestrians and drivers to reflect on their behaviour whilst using Glasgow's roads."






Contact Road Safety

  • Phone 0141 287 6706
  • Phone 0141 287 9043
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