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Cycling Safely

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Cycling is a great way of getting around. It combines exercise, saving the planet and, if you choose to commute by bike it can save you a lot of money as well. Following some basic rules can help you stay safe whilst out on the road.

Follow the highway code!

Remember that traffic lights apply to cyclists as well. Amber means Stop unless it is unsafe to do so, Red means STOP!

Don't cycle on the pavement unless it's a designated shared surface for pedestrians and cyclists or a core path. Shared surfaces are marked by blue signs showing a cyclist and a pedestrian side by side.

Ride positively and, if riding on the road, clear of the kerb staying out of the gutter. This is where debris tends to gather, by avoiding this you can avoid potential punctures.


At night and in bad weather make sure your lights are bright and that you are visible. Consider wearing bright and/or reflective clothing in these conditions.

Other traffic

Be aware of other road users and try and stay out of blind spots. Be wary of large vehicles such as vans and trucks, the drivers of which may not have good visibility of the space around their vehicle, in particular be careful when they are manoeuvring .


Turning off or onto a road requires you to indicate to other road users what you are about to do.

Ensure it is safe to make the intended manoeuvre - check around you.

Signal to let others know what you are about to do.

Only attempt manoeuvres at a safe speed, keep in control of your bike!

Right turns

Check all around, looking back over the right shoulder, to see if it's safe.

If safe, give a clear right-turn signal, move gradually to the centre of the road, still signalling. Keep an arm's length left of the centre lane lines. Keep watching for traffic all around.

As you get close to the junction, return the right hand to the handlebars and, if necessary, adjust your speed, stopping if required. Check the junction for vehicles which may pull out in front.

Check straight ahead for oncoming traffic, then take a final look over the right shoulder.

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