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Enhanced Vocational Inclusion Programme (EVIP)

EVIP is the Enhanced Vocational Inclusion Programme and offers young people an alternative to mainstream secondary school education.

EVIP offers young people the opportunity to study vocational qualifications in a college environment.

Who can apply?

EVIP is open to young people who respond better to education in a different setting. It is available as a full time option in S4

Young people are referred by their Learning Community Joint Support Team which has representatives from Education, Social Work and Psychological Services.

Referrals for young people who are Looked After by the Local Authority are particularly welcome.

What do the courses involve?

Young people are encouraged to return to school full-time in their S4 year, however can apply to return to EVIP full-time.

S4 Courses
Successful young people will be given the opportunity to study a vocational subject at college on a full-time basis from Monday - Friday.  Young people will transfer from their previous school roll onto the roll of EVIP.

Learning will be delivered in a variety of environments including a professional salons, classroom, IT suite and Sports Centre.

How does it operate?

Courses start in August and young people will transfer from their current school roll to the roll of EVIP.  They will attend EVIP 5 days each week and classes run from
9.30am -3.00pm.  Pupils will be transported for the first 2 weeks of term by taxi, and then given an appropriate travel card to allow them to travel independently to and from EVIP. 

What support is offered?

All pupils in the class will be supported by an EVIP Officer/Vocational Coach.  They will provide pastoral care, guidance and support at all times during the school day.  Pupils are not permitted to leave the College Campus after they have arrived in the morning.  

What qualifications are offered?

As part of the course, pupils will continue to work towards qualifications in English and Lifeskills Mathematics and will still receive PSE and PE classes.  They will also work towards a relevant vocational qualification.

The following placements are available:

Qualifications LevelType
EnglishNational 3 or 4Full Award
Lifeskills MathematicsNational 3 or 4Full Award
EmployabilityNational 3 or 4Full Award
WellbeingNational 3 or 4Full Award


Beauty - 10 places - Glasgow Kelvin College, Easterhouse and Springburn Campuses

Construction - 10 places - Glasgow Clyde College, Anniesland Campus

Construction - 10 places - Glasgow Kelvin College, East End Campus

Construction - 12 places - West College Scotland, Clydebank Campus (TBC)

Early Education & Childcare - 10 places - Glasgow Kelvin Collage - Campus (TBC)

Engineering - 12 places - West College Scotland, Clydebank Campus (TBC)

Hairdressing - 10 places - Glasgow Kelvin College, East End Campus

Hospitality - 10 places - Glasgow Clyde College, Langside Campus

Motor Vehicle Maintenance - 12 places - West College Scotland, Clydebank Campus (TBC)


What young people and parents/carers said about EVIP

Feedback from young people who have recently completed EVIP:

"I really enjoyed the course and its better than school because here I feel welcome."

"It gives you a chance to see what having a job actually feels like "it prepares you for employment"

Feedback provided from a recent parents/carers survey:  "I feel they do a fantastic job with the young people"

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