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ASL Technology Service

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  • Phone 0141 632 3749

ASL Technology is one of Glasgow's support and inclusion services available to the child or young person (CYP) whose additional support need is a barrier to his/her learning or inclusion.

Our role in effective pupil support includes

  • Identifying and applying ICT strategies/resources which can contribute to improved experiences/ outcomes with particular regard to literacy, numeracy and HWB
  • Planning support visits where we work with the CYP to develop understanding of, and skills in, using ICT to  improve his/her access and enable more independent learning
  • Fully involving the pupil in evaluating their progress and planning their next steps
  • Reporting to, and liaising with, school staff on outcomes and recommended next steps
  • Providing staff development on how to incorporate the suggested ICT resources or strategies (many of which are currently available in our schools) into practice through modelling/ training/information
  • Meeting with parents/carers to demonstrate how appropriate ICT resources can enhance learning, and to describe how they can support this at home
  • Supporting  the pupil and staff at times of transitions                                  
  • Loaning specific ICT resources/equipment if required or as appropriate
  • staying abreast of current research/development of ICT resources through sharing practice and working with colleagues and specialists within and beyond our own Authority e.g. CALLScotland.

Referrals to this Service are Stage 3 in Glasgow's ASL Policy of Staged Intervention. School staff  can also ask us for more generic advice on using ICT to support learners rather than making a specific pupil referral.  

Please contact us to discuss pupil's additional support need and possible ICT strategies or check out our website for additional information /advice.

Get in touch

  • Phone 0141 632 3749
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