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Glasgow City Council

Tougher penalties looming for irresponsible dog owners

This increase, as laid out by the Scottish Government, through The Dog Fouling (Fixed Penalty) (Scotland) Order 2016, brings the penalty for dog fouling into line with the existing fine for littering.

Fixed penalty notices will be issued by Community Enforcement Officers, to owners or persons in charge of the dog, if they allow their pets to foul in a public place and fail to clean up afterwards. 

The news of the increase comes as it was shown in Glasgow's annual household survey that the number of people stating that dog fouling is a problem in their local area has increased by 19%, since 2008.

This is backed up by responses to a recent Scottish Government consultation on responsible dog ownership with the majority saying that they would support the fixed penalty being raised.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council, said: "One of the things that we regularly hear people complain about in their local area is dog fouling. It impacts on the standard of living in our communities and can pose a health risk, to children in particular.

"We know that the majority of dog owners are respectful of other people and pick up after their pets but we want to clamp down on the inconsiderate people that leave the dogs' dirt in communal areas, on the streets, in parks and in play areas.

"In addition to the enforcement action that we carry out we would urge anyone with information on people who let their dogs foul without cleaning it up to get in touch with the council."

Members of the community can either report through the MYGLASGOW App or by telephoning the council on 0300 343 7027.

MYGLASGOW app (available for free from app store Google Play and Windows store)




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