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Community Budgeting

Glasgow Community Planning Partnership is committed to the promotion of Community Budgeting (also known as Participatory Budgeting). This is a process by which the public are encouraged to participate in decision making.

Organisations have been invited to consider submitting a project proposal which would be a benefit to local communities.

Following a number of successful pilots, Glasgow City Council are pleased that the Scottish Government has made funds available to match fund a budget identified by each Area Partnership. This will provide a total of £10,000 for each of Glasgow's 21 Area Partnerships for local communities to bid into.

Each Area Partnership were invited to submit proposals from community and voluntary organisations which:

- Operate and provide services within local Ward boundary

- Agree to participate in the local Community Budgeting Event and present their proposal

- Meet the basic criteria for an Area Budget

- Can be completed by end June 2016

word icon Community Budgeting Pilot Guidance Notes [105kb]

Background to Community Budgeting Pilot Events

Glasgow City Council's Strategic Plan for 2012 -2017 states that "part of our approach to community planning and devolving responsibility for how services are developed locally, we will roll out community budgeting to local areas so local people have greater influence over, and input into, how services are developed and delivered."

Community Budgeting (CB) is a generic term which covers a range of initiatives and approaches, and one of the most common approaches to CB is known as 'Participatory Budgeting'.  Participatory budgeting is a democratic process in which community members decide how to spend part of a public budget and is described in the following terms:

"Participatory budgeting directly involves local people in making decisions on the spending priorities for a defined public budget. This means engaging residents and community groups representative of all parts of the community to discuss spending priorities, making specific proposals and vote on them, as well as giving local people a role in the scrutiny and monitoring process."


Details of all Community Budgeting Events and Proposals can be found here:

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