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Sighthill Megalith removed temporarily to allow regeneration work to begin

Published Thursday 7 April

The standing stones of Sighthill Park - known as the Sighthill Megalith - are being removed temporarily as part of the £250million regeneration of the area. 

The removal work began today (7 April).  The stones and top layer of soil will be removed, with the stones to be stored and eventually housed in their new resting place.
The Stone Circle was established in 1979 by the then Glasgow Parks Department Astronomy Project, and guided by the Scottish author Duncan Lunan   The Stone Circle will be relocated within the new park, to the south east of the current site of the Circle. This is the original site that Mr Lunan had chosen, however this location was not suitable at the time due to the multi storey flats obscuring the horizon sight lines.   
The land remediation work in Sighthill Park is part of a five year programme of works, due to finish in 2019, to deliver: almost 800 new high-quality homes for sale and rent; a new community school campus; a new footbridge across the M8, creating a 'street in the sky' to connect Sighthill with the city centre; a new road bridge across the railway to link Sighthill and Port Dundas; and improved parkland, allotments and public spaces.
The land in the park needs remediation as a result of the industrial activity that occurred there in Sighthill's industrial past.
At present, the most visible sign of Sighthill's regeneration is 141 new homes in the north of the area, built by Glasgow Housing Association, and fully occupied in the last few months.

Transforming Communities

The regeneration of Sighthill is being delivered by Transforming Communities: Glasgow, a partnership between Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Housing Association and the Scottish Government.
More information on this project is available at Sighthill TRA

Published Thursday 7 April

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