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Skye House Unit, Stobhill Hospital

Based in Stobhill Hospital, the Skye Unit is an adolescent psychiatric unit for young people aged 11 to 18 with psychiatric illness. It supports up to 24 in-patients and day patient services to adolescents with identified mental health issues. In Skye House there is a purpose built school called Stobhill School for young people of secondary age.

The teachers assess and teach the young people, aiming to facilitate a return to as near a normal a life at school, as is possible, upon discharge. This is done through maintaining the mainstream school's work or providing a curriculum appropriate to their age and ability at that time, engaging in a multi-disciplinary therapeutic programme, and providing courses to assist the social and emotional development of the young people. Pupils also attend and participate in health and wellbeing classes and wider achievement classes.

We are a registered SQA centre and pupils complete national courses and can sit unit assessments and exams with in Stobhill School.

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