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Housing Support for Young People

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What is it?

New regulations laid in Parliament as part of the Government's Welfare Reform Bill will have a significant effect for single people under 35 who rent from a private landlord.

What does this mean?

If you're single, under 35, with no dependents and you rent from a private landlord and claim housing benefit, you'll receive housing benefit at the same rate as for a single room in a shared house. This is called the Shared Accommodation Rate (SAR).

The single room rent is based on the average rent in the area for a single room with shared facilities, such as a kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

The single room rent does not apply if:

  • you live as a couple or have children
  • you rent your home from a housing association or co-operative
  • you have been claiming Housing Benefit continuously since before 2 January 1996
  • you are under 22 and were "previously looked" after by the Council
  • you have a severe disability
  • you have one or more non-dependants living with you.

How to claim

You must make a claim as soon as possible, the claim is based on the date of application so delaying will reduce the benefit received and may lead to arrears.

You can claim Local Housing Allowance by contacting the Council. 

If you receive Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance but are still having difficulty meeting your rent, you may be able to get extra help from the Discretionary Housing Payment Fund.




Get in touch

  • Phone 0141 287 5050
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