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Glasgow City Council

Cathcart Constituency Election Region Results

Region Results for Glasgow Cathcart


Name of Individual Candidates and Registered Political PartiesNo. of
A Better Britain - Unionist Party263
Animal Welfare Party254
Rise - Respect, Independence, Socialism and Environmentalism385
Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"200
Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party4598
Scottish Green Party3535
Scottish Labour Party6229
Scottish Liberal Democrats832
Scottish National Party (SNP)13240
Scottish Women's Equality Party235
Solidarity - Scotland's Socialist Movement399
UK Independence Party (UKIP)536
Andrew Louis Philip Stephen Mccullagh33


Election Statistics
Total Electorate60,871
Percentage Poll50.61%


Breakdown of Rejected Papers
Want of an official mark0
Voting for more than 1 candidate13
Writing or mark by which voter could be identified1
Unmark or void for uncertainty54
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