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Funding & Finance Information

Below is funding & finance information relevant to Community Council's in Glasgow.

Administration Allowance

  • Each community council is eligible to receive from Glasgow City Council an annual administration allowance which will take account of the population included in the community council's boundary.

  • To ensure eligibility, each community council must adhere to the terms of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils e.g. in relation to membership; meetings; minutes etc.

  • Administration allowances shall be for community council administration and/or promotion purposes only, and shall not be expended on any other purpose.

  • Payment of the allowance will be made in accordance with a procedure determined by Glasgow City Council. After an inaugural allowance, all subsequent allowances will be made subject to community councils continuing to adhere to the terms of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.

Discretionary Grant Fund

  • Glasgow City Council has agreed to the provision of a discretionary grant fund which is only open to applications from community councils. The fund is limited and any awards made will be solely at the discretion of Glasgow City Council.

  • The maximum Discretionary Grant Fund that a community council can request in a financial year is £400. More than one application per community council (up to this maximum) may be considered. Discretionary Grant Fund should be spent within the financial year it is awarded.

  • It is considered by Glasgow City Council, as way of providing examples, that the Discretionary Grant Fund may support:

  • community council newsletters
  • small items of equipment (Glasgow City Council may request an inventory of existing equipment)
  • activities which build community councils' capacity
  • attendance at conferences and/or seminars which meet 5C of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils and are approved by Glasgow City Council
  • The above examples are not exhaustive; although it should be clearly understood by all applicants that all proposals need to demonstrate a direct relationship to the objectives of community councils.

  • Applications to the Discretionary Grant Fund shall be made in advance i.e. before any activities and expenditure are undertaken. Retrospective Discretionary Grant Fund awards will not be made.

Other Grants

  • Glasgow Community Planning Partnerships' Area Partnerships consider applications from a number of different organisations, including community councils.

  • Community Budgeting Events - There has been an indication that Glasgow Community Planning Partnership / Glasgow City Council intended to hold further events within the current financial year (2016/17).

  • Community councils with specific needs are free to apply for other grants from Glasgow City Council.  Payments will be made in accordance with the procedure determined by Glasgow City Council.

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