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The role of a Named Person

What is a Named Person?

A Named Person is a central point of contact if a child, young person or their parent(s) want information or advice, or if they want to talk about any worries and seek support. The Named Person can also, when appropriate, reach out to different services who can help.

Access to a Named Person is part of the Getting It Right For Every Child approach to promote, support and safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.

Who will be the Named Person?

  • For Pre-school children it will be a Health Visitor
  • For school age children it will be a Teacher

School age children is defined as when a child starts school until age 18 (or beyond if still at school).

Further information is available in the Scottish Government leaflet.

This new approach does not change the way you would report child protection concerns.


Following the Supreme Court decision, please refer to the Parliamentary Statement on Named Person.

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