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What is a GIRFEC Child's Plan

What is a GIRFEC Child's Plan?

A GIRFEC Child's Plan is available for children who require extra support that is not generally available to address and improve their Wellbeing. Not every child will require a Child's Plan. The Child's Plan is considered and developed in partnership with the child, their parent(s) and the services involved.  

Every plan will include and record:

  • information about the child's wellbeing needs including the views of the child and their parent(s)
  • details of the action to be taken
  • the service(s) that will provide the support
  • the way in which the support is to be provided
  • the outcome that the plan aims to achieve and
  • when the plan should be reviewed.

More information is available on the Child's Plan in the Scottish Government leaflet.

This new approach does not change the way you would report child protection concerns.

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